Solaris Handpan by Pansnap Music ©Solaris Handpan by Pansnap Music ©

Solaris Handpan Mixolydian in D


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Serial Number: SOL19032

Solaris Handpan by Pansnap Music ©
These are the pictures and video of the actual Solaris handpan you will receive. Scroll down for the video.

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    Included in the Box
    Solaris Handpan Mixolydian in D
    (D), A, C, D, E, F#, G, A, C
    9 note configuration
    Includes our signature tiered & polished ding, brush brass logo, porthole mandala graphic art.
    Serial Number: SOL19032
    – Solaris Handpan Care Pack and Care Instructions
    – Solaris Handpan Dust Cover
    – Solaris Handpan Resting Ring
    – Free shipping within continental United States

    Solaris Specifications
    Inner diameter: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
    Outer diameter flange: 21 inches (53.3 cm)
    Height: 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
    Weight: 9.1 pounds (4.1 kg)

    Solaris handpan Mixolydian in D
    D Mixolydian is the 5th mode of the G Major scale, which contains a lowered 7th note (flat 7). In this handpan note configuration, the 6th degree scale left out. The Mixolydian mode is common in non-classical harmony, such as folk, jazz, funk, blues and rock music. Plays well with G Major and E minor.

    Solaris handpans are made with low carbon steel. The steel is heat treated, giving the instrument its wedgewood blue hue and stabilizing its tuning properties. We finish our Solaris with a rust resistant environmentally friendly clear coat. Finally, the Solaris are tuned using a strobe tuner to standard A-440 pitch with aligned fundamental, octave and compound fifth. Crafted and tuned by Bryant Evangelista. Made in Austin, Texas. Learn more about his journey here.

    When you purchase a Solaris handpan, you will also receive a Solaris rubber edge trim ring, Solaris care pack and care instructions, as well as a dust cover and a resting ring (combined value of $100) for no extra charges. Shipping within continental United States is free. If international shipping is desired, please email us in order to get a quote. Handpan cases are sold separately.

    For questions about this Solaris model, contact us at

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 17.1 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 24 × 14 in

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