Pansnap Music FAQ

Each Solaris handpan is carefully handmade by Bryant Evangelista. There is no automation in the process of making or tuning a Solaris, and we take pride in that. Bryant takes two sheets of metal and hand hammers them into a high-quality handpan. It’s a time consuming process, but it’s also very rewarding to see, feel and listen to the final product—a beautifully resonant Solaris.

Also at Pansnap Music, we care about your satisfaction with our products and with the service we provide. We guarantee the quality of our Solaris handpan, and if there is ever any issue with your order, please contact us. Pansnap Music is a small, owner-operated business, and we will personally address your concerns.

At this moment, the Solaris handpans are not nitrided. If your concern is rust, rest assured that we have done and will continue to do extensive research on ways to protect the steel against corrosion. Please do keep in mind that steel is a metal and all handpans, even nitrided ones, require special care for rust prevention.

Solaris handpans are made with low cabon steel. The steel is heat treated, and then a patina is applied. We finish our Solaris with a rust resistant environmentally friendly clear coat. Finally, the Solaris are tuned to standard A-440 pitch.

Inner diameter: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
Outer diameter flange: 21 inches (53.3 cm)
Height: 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
Weight: 9.1 pounds (4.1 kg)

A Solaris handpan has 8 notes in a 20” diameter shell. We are also researching the possibility of adding more notes in the future.

It depends on what you call imperfections. We take care of sourcing quality steel and the metal is treated several times. However, you might see minor irregularities in the metal just as you would when you look at natural stones or wood pieces. Also, keep in mind that Solaris handpans are completely handcrafted from sheets of steel. In other words, you may find marks caused by the hammering and the other processes. Still, we don’t consider these marks or blemishes imperfections. We believe they are part of the process of creating each Solaris by hand, making each instrument unique. Also, those marks do not affect the sound quality of the Solaris handpans.

When we put a Solaris for sale on our website, we also put pictures and a video of the actual handpan. You will be able to see that the drum has no dents or defects. Finally, we inspect each drum before we ship it to you to ensure that you will get a Solaris that looks and sounds beautifully.

When a batch is ready, we will announce the available Solaris handpans on our website. Join our mailing list, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook, and stay tuned.

Shipping within continental United States is free. Shipping charges apply when we ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

Yes! Please send us an email at to coordinate date and time of your pickup. Order pickup will be by appointment only.

At this time, we only ship internationally to Canada. Shipping charges apply. Customers are responsible for duties/taxes of international orders.  Please contact your local customs office for rates and other information.

When you purchase a Solaris handpan, you will also receive a Solaris care pack and care instructions, as well as a dust cover and a resting ring (combined value of $50) for no extra charges.

If your drum is damaged during transit, and you signed at delivery, contact Pansnap Music immediately via email to communicate the issue. In your email, please add pictures or a video of the damaged drum, and we will coordinate the return appropriately according the Return & Refund Policy.

The best way to keep you Solaris in good condition for long years is by taking good care of it.

  • Protect your Solaris handpan with a case when transporting it. Only use the case for transporting your Solaris, not for storing it. In humid conditions, use a moisture eater inside the case, but not touching the drum.
  • Use a resting ring or a handpan stand when your Solaris is not being played, and avoid resting your Solaris on bare concrete or rough surfaces, grass or damp surfaces.
  • Never rest your Solaris facing down or in any way that puts weight or pressure on the notes.
  • Always wipe your Solaris with a dry microfiber cloth after playing it. The natural oils in our hands as well as sweat can cause metal to rust over time if not cleaned.
  • Don’t play your Solaris with sticks or mallets.
  • Avoid using sharp instruments when handling your Solaris. And make sure that your rings or bracelets are not scratching your drum when you play it.
  • Regularly wash the microfiber cloth you use to wipe your Solaris. It is important to use a clean dry microfiber cloth to wipe it.
  • Store your Solaris in a dry place, and clean it regularly.
  • Regularly use FrogLube, Ballistol or other recommended environmentally friendly rust prevention product to protect your Solaris from rust.
  • Never use products containing alcohol, any type of acid, or any other substance that would remove the clear coat that protects your Solaris from rust.
  • If your Solaris gets wet or damp, dry it immediately with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, and apply FrogLube, Ballistol or other recommended environmentally friendly rust prevention product to protect your Solaris from rust.

At this moment, we only offer the sets of scale that yielded the best results during the test phase of our 20” shells. Pansnap Music’s research is ongoing, and we will present more scales in the near future.

Because Pansnap Music is a small, owner-operated business, the best way to contact us is via email. For general inquiries, contact us at Please, allow us 2 business days to respond to your requests or inquiries.

If you have questions, please contact us at